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  • G:H8 Super Hyalon Sleeping Mask 20piece

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    VT G:H8 Super Hyalon Sleeping Mask(4ml×20)

    Formulated with different herbal extracts, pairing with the key element of G:H8™, which is he combination of polyglutamic acid and 8 kinds of hyaluronic acids, this sleeping mask is powerful in hydrating skin and restoring energy and essence of the skin in just a night.

    Product Features:
    • Hydrating and soothing skin: enriched with mellow extract and sunflower seed oil, this sleeping mask helps to soothe and balance water and oil on skin, leaving skin supple and brightened.
    • Friendly to skin: with a skin-friendly PH and 17 amino acids, the mask is suitable for all kinds of skin.
    • Jelly texture: non-greasy and mess-free texture, this mask is absorbed quickly.

    • Mellow extract and sunflower seed oil: soothing and brightening skin
    • G:H8: deeply hydrating skin