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GOONGBE Calming Diaper Cream 50g

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Goongbe Calming Diaper Cream (50g)

Cream applied on inner side of folded skin or frequently rubbed area soothes and cares for the delicate skin surface.

Product Features :
• Calming : Patented “Oji Relief Complex” brings together plum, peach leaves, mulberry leaves, willow bark and pagoda tree root to soothe and condition skin, lifting skin water content.
• Hydrating : Silvery wormwood, Japanese camellia, capillary wormwood and other naturally-derived plant extracts soften skin. The addition of oat extract hydrates and moisturises skin
• Protecting : Zinc oxide forms a protecting skin barrier to lock in moisture and reduce environmental aggressions. Non-sticky creamy texture is friendly to skin with easy spread for a caring and comfortable experience.

• “Oji Relief Complex” Formula:Soothing and conditioning
• Silvery Wormwood, Japanese Camellia, Capillary Wormwood:Softening
• Oat Essenece : Hydrating and moisturising Zinc Oxide : Forming protecting film

How to use:
Apply evenly on the inner side of folded skin after shower.