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  • Orchid Elastic Under Youth Eye Patch 10pair(s)

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    The Orchid Skin Orchid Elastic Under Youth Eye Patch (10pairs)

    Discover the secret of youthful eyes! The eye mask deeply revitalizes the skin around eyes area. It restores elasticity and reduces the aging signs, let you regain the youthful vitality of the eyes!

    Product Features:
    ● Moisturizing: Rose water, honey and Ginseng extract effectively hydrates skin and brighten the skin tone.
    ● Smoothing and firming: Effectively improve fine lines and slack, improve elasticity and make eye skin smoother and fuller.
    ● Super-adhesive: The patented “Elastic Aqueous Gel Sheet”* adhesives to skin well and delivers the moisture and active ingredients to the skin more effectively.

    *Information form The Orchid Skin’s official website

    Ingredients :
    ● Rose water, honey extract: Deeply moisturizing, anti-oxidant. ● Ginseng extract, Adenosine: Keeps skin supple, enhances moisture and elasticity. ● Orchid Extract: Brightens skin tone, enhances skin's own defense. ● Caviar extract: Intensive repair, anti-aging, smooth fine lines. ● Rehmannia extract: Gives eye skin nutrition, noursihing.

    How to use :
    Apply the mask sheet onto the eye after cleansing. Leave it in place for 15-20 minutes. Remove mask sheet.