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  • Brighten Up Eye Roll On 15ml

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    Haruhada Brighten Up Eye Roll On (15ML)

    Metal rolling on, create bright eyelids! 3 kinds of vitamins + 5 kinds of whitening ingredients, promote absorption through metal ball massage head, effectively improve eye bags, dark circles and stains!

    Product Features
    • 3 kinds of vitamins (vitamin B, vitamin C, E inducer), and 5 kinds of whitening ingredients (arbutin, vitamin C inducer, nicotinamide, raspberry, white strawberry extract), effectively whiten, brighten skin tone, and improve eye bags, dark circles and stains.
    • Metal ball massage head design to promote absorption and reduce eye puffiness.
    • It is free of alcohol, spices, artificial colors and mineral oil. It is gently infiltrated and carefully guards every inch of the eye skin.