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GOONGBE Moisture Cream 180ml

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【Goongbe Moisture Cream 180ml】

Aims to be the world's leading infant skin care specialist, GOONGBE, a Korean infant brand dedicated to keep baby's skin balanced and well-tested, launching new products again! This product has entered the ranks of T-MALL best-selling infant products already, please do not miss it!

Moisture Cream helps strengthening the baby's skin barrier, provides the baby's skin up to 48 hours of nourishing and moisturizing.

Product Feature:
● Apply to children over 2 years of age.
● 100% natural extract, which effectively soothes baby's sensitive skin, helps regulating skin temperature, moisture content and protecting the skin as well, keeping the skin in optimal condition.
● Triple Moisture-Protect System, helps filling the intercellular lipids, triglycerides, fatty acids for lipid moisturizing. Also, natural oils to supplement natural oils, moisturizing the skin long-lasting.

● Ceramidin: Strengthening the skin barrier.

How To Use:
After washing the baby's face, take a moderate amount, evenly spread on the baby's face.