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  • Porcelana White Brightening Face Serum 30ml

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    【Eleanor Porcelana White Brightening Face Serum 30ml】

    Makes the skin clear and bright, at the same time enhances elasticity. The texture is smooth and absorbable, and helps to against the melanin, showing the white and bright skin tone of porcelain.

    Product Features:
    ● It refines skin textures mildly, relieves tightening and revitalizes skin elasticity effectively.
    ● Formulated with ergosine and plan complex, its delicate texture can provide anti-oxidation protection and leave skin feel moisture for a long time.
    ● It contains vitamin C derivatives and Potassium glycyrrhizinate that boosts skin luster and enhances skin tone. It directly reveals a dewy and clear complexion.

    ● Vitamin C derivatives: Powerful whitening, inhibiting melanin ● Ergothione: Anti-oxidation ● Plant complex: Fights pigmentation and brightens skin tone ● Mannitol: Moisturizing ● Potassium glycyrrhizinate: Anti-inflammatory, whitening

    How To Use:
    After cleansing and toning in the morning and evening, take a proper amount of serum and apply it evenly on face.