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  • COYU
  • Ultimate Whitening & Brightening Essence 12pcs

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    COYU® Ultimate Whitening & Brightening Essence is developed by a professional medical-grade biotechnology institute in Japan. With the aid of “ultra nano permeating technology”, star ingredients including high concentration nymphaea alba flower extract, tranexamic acid, glutathione, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate can all be permeated into the bottom of skin swiftly and deeply. There they awaken the regeneration function of cells, it brightens and whitens skin, helps fighting stubborn dark spots and potential deposition of pigment, refines uneven complexion, removes yellowish skin tone, improves dullness and fades acne marks.

    No surgical injection required, painless and risk-free. Use this product for 14 days consecutively to obtain significant improvement in whitening and brightness of skin — comparable to the effects of shuiguang needle injection available at beauty institutes.

    Ingredients :
    Main Ingredients Nymphaea alba flower extract: Strong whitening, anti-wrinkle, fast barrier melanin transformation of cell membrane pigment precipitation, lasting moisture, whitening, natural luster distribution. Tranexamic acid: Can inhibit the formation of melanin and prevent the formation of pigment spots, blocking the path of melanin transmission. Glutathione: Can directly inhibit tyrosinase, blocking melanin synthesis, and other antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, etc., need a sufficient amount of glutathione in order to effectively play a role. Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate: The highest stability, the most play the vitality of vitamin C whitening effect, dilute the face of the dark spots, freckles.

    How to use :
    After cleaning, push and expel the essence into palm and then apply evenly on face, around the eyes and forehead with fingers. Massage until the essence is completely absorbed by the skin for better results.