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  • Collagen Double Roll On Eye Serum 20ml

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    【Hadatuko Collagen Double Roll On Eye Serum 20ml】

    - Collagen Double Roll On Eye Serum(20ml)
    - Collagen Firming Eye Mask(5pairs)

    This eye serum configured with special 24K gold and stainless steel beads massage head, two beads can rotate 90 degrees, and produce negative ions while rolling, driving microcirculation and enhances serum absorption, deeply penetrated to the fatigue eye skin. The serum is formulated with five types of collagen and three natural moisturizing ingredients, of which xylose effectively promote the formation of decorin, helps to increase the elasticity of skin, retreat fine lines and tiredness, plump in moisture, let your eyes exudes charm and radiance !

    Product Features:
    ● 24K gold and stainless steel massage head: When the metal beads roll, they will produce negative ions, which help to promote blood circulation and infiltration rate of ingredients into skin.
    ● 5 types of collagen: Soften the skin, provide long-lasting moisture, leave it more compact and smooth,
    ● Natural moisturizing ingredients: Xylose, hibiscus flower and tormentilla extract can promote collagen production, moisturize and improve skin dullness and dry lines.

    ● Five types of collagen: Moisturizing, increase skin’s elasticity ● Xylose, hibiscus flower and tormentilla extract: Moisturizing, repair and soften Skin.

    How To Use
    After cleansing and toning, gently press out the essence and apply directly to the eye area and wrinkle with the massage head, suggest applying eye cream afterwards.