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  • Deodorant Body Paper - Ice Type (No Fragrance) 30piece

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    【Mandom Corp Deodorant Body Paper - Ice Type (No Fragrance) 30piece】

    In addition to sweat and clean, the whole body is cold! Let you not be limited by time and space. The body wipes you carry with you are refreshing and clean, improving the smell of sweat and saying goodbye to stickiness.

    Product Features:
    ● Adopting anti-perspirant and deodorant formula, a light touch can improve the odor caused by sweat and oil.
    ● Contains mint ingredients, the skin feels refreshed and cold immediately, which helps relieve the sticky feeling after sweating.
    ● 25cm X 20cm extra large body wipes, soft and thick paper, one sheet can clean the whole body, convenient and easy to use.

    How To Use:
    Remove the sticker, take out the body towel, and wipe the sticky parts of the skin at will. To prevent the deodorant towel from drying out, stick to the sticker tightly after use.