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  • Bigan Skin Soap (With Foaming Net) 80g

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    Meishoku Bigan Skin Soap (With Foaming Net) (80g)

    Suitable to use on face and body, this soap is formulated with gentle BHA to provide acne care and sebum control. With the foaming net along with the soap, delicate lather is formed to promote skin smoothness and dewiness.

    Product Features:
    • Skin cleansing: with BHA ingredient, this soap helps to remove old dull skin cells and excessive sebum to prevent clogged pores and acne problem.
    • Gentle nourishing: free from coloring, mineral oil and paraben, this skin soap is gentle to inflammatory and delicate skin.
    • Nourishing lather: formulated with nourishing plant extract, the foaming net helps to lather up and gently cleanse skin without tightening skin.

    • BHA: skin cleansing
    • Coconut Oil, Licorice: skim nourishing

    How to use:
    Put the soap in the foaming net. Add water and rub it to lather up. Gentle cleanse face with the lather and rinse face with water.