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  • Pearl Barley Beauty Water Moisture Lotion 500ml

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    Alovivi Pearl Barley Beauty Water Moisture Lotion (500ml)

    Skin favorite food!”
    Contains eight times Coix essence*, which includes multi-protein, vitamin and mineral elements, working like inject rich hydration essence and nutrition to the skin thus help it back to normal condition.

    Product features:
    • Eight times Coix essence* as “skin food”, helps keep skin hydrated and leaves skin smooth, luminous and softer. *Coix extract
    • Balance the skin from “the deep “with Coix essence* ‘s a great power of hydration
    *Coix extract
    • Free fragrance-free coloring, good for sensitive skin

    • Freshening lotion factors: help keep skin moisturizing and balanced.
    • Glycyrrhizic acid:purify from nature Liquorice roots. Support Anti-inflammatory.
    • Coix extract: balance skin moisturizing barrier and support whiting effect

    How to use:
    After clean of bath, use plenty of tail shower or after a bath. Included a sufficient amount to cotton or tissue paper, is even more effective when the 5-minute about face pack.