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  • Herbal Soap 2piece

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    Sulwhasoo Herbal Soap (100g X 2)

    Herbal Soap is an aged red ginseng soap to gently cleanse and revitalize the skin. The formula is made with high-quality Korean herbal medicinal ingredients, helping to leave skin clean and moist.

    Product Features:
     Rich and fine foam: rich and nourishing lather is formed to spread smoothly and help nurturing youthful and translucent skin.
     Nourishing: enriched with honey, red ginseng, rehmannia and camellia oil, skin is balanced and nourished, full of vitality.
     6-step production: hand-made and aged, this soap is made carefully, to reveal the maximum power of the herbal ingredients

     Korean Red Ginseng, Small Solomon’s Seal, Chinese Peony, Adhesive Rehmannia: leaving skin clean and moistC