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FINE Yeast X Enzyme 219 150pcs

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This product mainly contains 219kinds of enzyme containing "Vegetaze", ingredients we originally made from selected ingredients for beauty, and have added beer yeast and chlorogenic acids (green coffee beans extract) which enhances the activity for slimming in the body.
• enzyme uses Revealed:
1. slimming, less excess body fat
~ Rich in probiotics, effectively promote new cells Metabolism, increase energy consumption, fat decomposition, prevent obesity.
2. Clean the stomach, absorb two-way adjustment
~Regulation of intestinal flora, balance the endocrine system secretion, intestinal decomposition Refuse, promote metabolism.
3.Detoxifies less stain & less acne
~With a variety of cosmetic ingredients, supplement the body the necessary nutrients
Substances, increase cell activity, promote toxins Discharge, improve rough skin, pigmentation, acne and other problem.
4. Improve the body immunity, improve physical fitness
~ Enhanced cell activity, enhance the body's immune system, change
Good body acidic, turned easily lean body mass.
▲ special add brewer's yeast
With "enzyme" as the main ingredient, with the present Convention Division developed its own plant enzymes. And joined the Save When fertilizer needed nutritional supplement ingredient "brewer's yeast" Burning ingredient "chlorogenic acid."
▲ Features uses
And improve the in vivo intestinal environment, eliminate toxins, promote Metabolism, burn fat, to lose weight Effect, along with a strong antioxidant effect,extended

Dextrin, Dry beer yeast powder, Concentrated plant enzyme powder(Dextrin, Malted rice, Coix seeds, Apple, etc), Fermentedplant dry powder, Fermented plant food, Fermented plant extract powder, Fermented wild grass extract powder, Green coffee beans extract, Sucrose fatty acid ester, Fine silicon dioxide, (Some ingredients contain apple, banana, kiwi, orange, Japanese yam,soy beans, peach, cashew nuts, sesame seeds)

How to use:
Take 5 tablets daily with water or warm water. You can take it at once or separate into 2 or 3 times.

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