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  • DR.G
  • A-CLEAR Aroma Spot Toner 170ml

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    DR.G A-CLEAR Aroma Spot Toner (170ml)

    Aroma Spot Toner is investigated by one of the biggest cosmetology brands Dr. G. It is anti-inflammatory and can calm your skin quickly. It helps replenishing moisture and controlling sebum secretion to prevent acnes formation. The formula contains tea tree oil, Houttuynia, triclosan and salicylic acid which soften and moist your cuticles to help dissolving the black head and pimple. It helps achieving moisture-sebum balance on your face.

    • Tea Tree Oil: Anti-bacteria. Sooth and repair inflamed skin. Prevent acnes formation
    • Salicylic Acid: Soften old dead cuticle. Dissolve blackheads. Clean pores. Dry up acnes
    • Triclosan: Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Prevent acnes formation
    • Houttuynia extract: Inhibit bacteria growth, contain antioxidant, whitening, improving skin quality, and other functions