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Kinomegumi Sleeping Foot Sheet Mugwort-Green 30PCS

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Kinomegumi Sleeping Foot Sheet Mugwort-green (30pcs)

Enriched with natural bamboo sap, it brings deep nourishment and discharges the impurities with wormwood fragrance, leaving a warm body and vitality.

Product features:
• Nourishing: Enriched natural bamboo sap helps nourish and relax your foot after a tiring day.
• Sleep support: It helps discharge the impurities, relax and warm your body.
• Relieve tiredness: It can be attached on different parts of body, such as waist, knees, shoulders, and soles of the feet.

Ingredients :
• Natural bamboo sap: Nourishing

How to use:
Use after clearing your feet. Tear off the sticker of the larger side and stick the side with words of the powder pack in the middle of the tape. Then, tear off the remaining stickers and press it firmly. Rinse your feet after using.

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