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OTSUKA The Wise Man’s Dining 30piece

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Otsuka The Wise Man's Dining (6gx30)

The quality of blood vessels will affect the health of the whole body. The philosophy of the sage's food is "to maintain the health of our blood vessels, we can make the body healthy in an all-round way."

Product Features :
• It can slow down and inhibit the absorption of starch and fat in the intestinal tract than expel the unabsorbed fat from the body after meals.
• Add one pack per meal can help you to stabilize blood glucose level.
• No taste and no color powder, completely dissolved in various beverages, without affecting its color, taste and smell, you can choose meals according to personal preferences.
• Lightweight individually packaged for easy portability

*A high intake of indigestible fiber may cause gas or diarrhea, depending on the individual's constitution.

*People who are chronically ill or undergoing treatment for any medical condition, please consult your family doctor or other medical professional before using this product.

How to use:
Recommend to consume one pack per meal, 3 meals per day
Add one pack into your choice of beverages during the meal
Over-consumption of this product may cause loose stools or constipation.
High intake of this product does not cure diseases. Please consult a doctor or other medical expert before using this product if you are currently being treated for any illness/disease.