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Bsc Deluxe 8X Fat Burn Pellet Version 3: New Packing & Formula 24Capsules*2

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This products works to burn all chubby fat in one go!
The product helps to shape your waist, firm your bottom, getting rid of flabby upper arm muscles and tighten thick thighs!*
Nano Diamond-Intelligence Particle Carriers
An achievement of Swiss body-shaping colleges and the latest breakthroughs in technology, it acts as a carrier with refraction and leverage capability. The molecules of which are extremely small, enable penetration into skin as well as swift and even refraction of active ingredients to all directions after absorption. Clinically tests prove that it is 6.8 times more effective than its original form.
Main Functions:
1) Discourages fat accumulation
2) Burns belly fat
3) Uplifts and firms loosened hip muscle
4) Prevents fat accumulation on the outside of arms, thighs and legs
5) Strengthens muscles of arms, thighs and legs

* results may vary amongst individuals.

Ingredients :
The Gold Softgel: High-purity safflowerseed oil (with CLA), Highly-concentrated l-carnitine, Soybean Oil, Gelatin, Glycerine, Water.
The Green Softgel: Aloe Oil, Probiotics, Xylooligosaccharide, Soybean Oil, Gelatin, Glycerine, Water.
^Contain Soyabean. A - The Gold Softgel Blocks and Burns Fat. This is absorbed by the stomach. High-purity safflowerseed oil (with CLA): reduces fat accumulation and hence the chance of getting belly fat; increases muscle ratio. Highly-concentrated l-carnitine: promotes the burning of fat which turns fat into energy. B – The Green Softgel Detoxes and Cleans Intestines. This is absorbed in intestines. Aloe Oil: reduces the absorption of grease and eliminates toxins in body. Probiotics: reduce toxins accumulated in intestines; fine tune micro-ecological balance. Xylooligosaccharide: lowers the pH value of intestines and hence suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria.

How to use :
◎Intensive Fat Burning – Take one set A: Gold/Fat Blocking and Burning Pellet, B: Green/ Detoxing and Intestines Cleaning Pelletwith water in the morning and one in the evening.

◎Basic Fat Burning – Take one set A: Gold/Fat Blocking and Burning Pellet, B: Green/Detoxing and Intestines Cleaning Pelletwith water in the morning.
*Use with “BSC.PRO®24 Hours Bye-Bye Belly Pellet (Version 3: New Packing & Formula)” in the morning and evening for maximized and all-round results.
*Finish 6 boxes for an intensive treatment. After which, keep using for prolonged effects.

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