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  • Sandalwood Foam Bath 500ml

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    Perlier Sandalwood Foam Bath (500ml)

    A luxurious bathing experience with this body wash of sandalwood! It removes sebum and dirt from body for a smooth and supple skin complexion.

    Product Features:
    • Gentle cleansing: this foam is mild and free from soap, implementing with glycerin to form a moisture veil on skin, it is nourished and supple at all time.
    • Soothing scent: the scent of sandalwood is luxurious and soothing, providing a calming cleansing experience.
    • Dense and delicate foam: the body wash forms lather easily to wash away dirt for a smooth and soft skin complexion.

    *A pump is distributed with this foam bath.

    • Glycerin: nourishing