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  • Triphasic VHT ATP Intensive 8piece

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    【Rene Furterer Triphasic VHT ATP Intensive 8piece】

    (Triphasic VHT ATP Intensive )

    - Stimulates the scalp microcirculation and maximizes the transportation of nutrients to the hair
    - Regulates the overproduction of sebum, the oily factor responsible of scalp asphyxia and hair weakness
    - Protects the hair bulbs, relaxes the scalp and creates a better life environment for the hair roots to grow stronger
    - Reactive the hair cycle from bulbs to end, become denser and thicker hair

    Pfaffia: Stimulates the growth of the capillary network Orange: Invigorating, very fragrant, anti-stress Lavender: Anti-inflammatory, healing, calming Curbicia: Regulates the excessive secretion of serum

    How To Use:
    2 applications per week during the 1st month, Then 1 application per week during the following 2 months. After your shampoo, apply 1 entire bottle to cleansed scalp, working section by section. Massage the scalp to encourage product penetration. Do not rinse. 2 boxes for 3 Months of treatment **Caution: Not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women